Other Dances


Contra Dancing in Western Massachusetts & Nearby

  1. Except as noted, all dances feature a continuously changing roster of bands and callers.

  2. For a specific date, check the Events calendar at http://guidingstargrange.org (for Greenfield dances) or the website or Facebook page for the dance.

  3. “Intro” means an introductory workshop for new/newer dancers. Highly recommended.

  4. “Challenging” means a dance geared for experienced dancers who are comfortable with all the basic contra figures. Not recommended for first time or very new dancers.

1st Friday - Greenfield, Mostly Waltz; (Intro 7; Intermediate Wksp 7:30, Dancing 8-10:30

1st Saturday - Greenfield; Wild Asparagus (Intro 8; Dancing 8:30-11:30)

2nd Friday - Greenfield, Bread & Roses Fusion Dance

2nd Saturday - Greenfield, TopHill Dance; (Dancing 8-11:30)

3rd Wednesday - Downtown Amherst;  (Intro 7, Dancing 7:30-10:30)

3rd Friday - Greenfield; Open Band (Dancing 8-11)

3rd Saturday - Greenfield; The Moving Violations (Intro 7; Dancing 7:30-10)

4th Friday - Greenfield; Challenging Contras;  (Dancing 8-11; not rec. for new dancers)

5th Friday - Greenfield

5th Saturday - Greenfield


  1. Guiding Star Grange #1, 401 Chapman Street, Greenfield, MA 01301

  2. Downtown Amherst - Masonic Lodge, 99 Main Street, Amherst, MA 01002